On arrival for your initial visit, or first visit for a new condition, you will be assessed and findings discussed with you as the assessment progresses.

Where appropriate you may be referred for appropriate investigations such as x-rays.

Appropriate treatment options will be discussed with you, we are a very hands on practice and the core of our treatment involves manual therapy.

In conjunction with the manual therapy we use exercises, ultrasound and electro magnetic therapy amongst other modalities

At each subsequent visit your progress will be assessed and if we are both happy with the improvement treatment will continue, however If we feel it is necessary we will refer to an appropriate specialist for an opinion. We feel speedy improvement is imperative.


We do submit to medical aid for you, if your medical aid and the plan you are on allow physiotherapy. You are however ultimately responsible for the bill and for making sure that funds are available, if not we require you to settle personally.

We do charge medical aid rates and are sympathetic to the current economic climate.